Margot Robbie Reveals Her Struggle With 'Imposter Syndrome'
Glamour UK Magazine/Danielle Levitt

The Harley Quinn of DC Extended Universe admits in a new magazine interview that she is her own worst critic who always finds flaws with her onscreen performances.

AceShowbiz - Margot Robbie has admitted she still finds it hard not to doubt herself - even though she's one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood.

Since shooting to fame in "The Wolf of Wall Street", the Australian star has taken on a wide range of roles, including "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and "Bombshell" - both of which earned her BAFTA nods and the former of which saw her nominated for an Oscar. But despite her incredible success, Margot continues to have doubts about her place in the industry.

Asked what she'd tell her younger self if she had the chance, Margot told Britain's Glamour magazine, "I would want to tell her, 'You are actually good enough.' The biggest thing for me was I had this impostor syndrome."

"I still get it sometimes and think everyone will realise, 'How did you get here? You are not good enough for this? Who let you in?' "

Margot added that while she is proud of her back catalogue, she's her own worst critic, and always finds flaws with her performances.

"I don't think there is one thing where I have said, 'you have nailed it'," she mused. "I always think, 'you did what you set out to do but you missed the mark here and next time you are going to do it different.''

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