Chris Sails' Ex Savay Shows Injuries From His Alleged Abuse, He Responds

Chris Sails fires back at his former girlfriend Savay after she showed her online followers pictures of her bruised body filled with scratches and hand prints.

AceShowbiz - Chris Sails was accused of roughing up his former girlfriend Savay. The couple broke up in 2019 and she recently revealed that he was abusive during their relationship. She posted pictures of her injuries from his alleged abuse.

The images showed her bruised body. Red scratches and hand prints were clearly seen on her forearm and the side of her body. "But I'm lying? Oh ok," she wrote.

Chris was quick to fire back at his ex, "F**k the b***h broke her heart she think we still date." He then addressed the domestic violence accusation, insisting her injuries were not his doing. "That was from when that b***h beat her up," he claimed.

"At least now we can truly differentiate who the liar n who telling the truth. I'm done speaking n I mean it this time," he added.

Savay responded, "I pray any female who been thru or is growing thru the same thing I did, realize their worth n value because no one deserves that. Thank you for all the hate n all the love cause both gon keep me going [love]."

"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Moniece Slaughter commented, "Literally every girl he's dated has said the same thing and proved the same thing. He did it. lock him up with mandated anger management and counseling."

It's indeed not the first time Chris Sails was accused of being abusive. In 2018, he was arrested for allegedly punching, slapping, and choking another ex, "My Wife and Kids" actress Parker McKenna. He reportedly "got pissed after he saw a DM from another man on her phone, and started beating her so badly, she thought she was going to die."

In a similar drama, when he broke up with Savay, Chris also accused her of cheating. In October 2019, he said she hooked up with Chris Brown. "Bruh, she was talkin' to Chris Brown, man. I seen messages. I looked at her phone. N*gga blowing her sh*t up like, who the f*ck is this? It's Chris Brown," he said back then.

Savay admitted to texting the R&B star but she said Sails wasn't a saint either. "Yeah, so what i talked to chris brown at least he didn't lie to me," she said.

Before dating Parker McKenna and then Savay, Chris Sails was in a relationship with Queen Naija. They share a son.

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