Sean Stewart Confident Truth Will Prevail in New Year's Eve Altercation Case

As he and his father Rod Stewart face a count of misdemeanour battery, the 39-year-old claims that it was The Breakers hotel's security guard who was 'being very aggressive.'

AceShowbiz - Rod Stewart's son is confident he and his dad will be cleared of any wrongdoing following an altercation on New Year's Eve (December 31, 2019), insisting the "truth will prevail".

The rocker and his 39-year-old kid, Sean Stewart, were questioned by police in Palm Beach, Florida, last Tuesday after they were accused of attacking a security guard at The Breakers hotel when their family was denied access to a private event held in the children's area of the resort.

According to the incident report, former reality star Sean stood "nose-to-nose" with the employee, identified as Jessie Dixon, and "shoved" him backwards, before Rod "stepped toward (the victim) and threw a punch", hitting them in the "left rib cage area."

No arrests were made at the time, but Dixon informed cops of his wish to pursue charges, and now the Stewarts are each facing a count of misdemeanour battery. However, Sean is adamant their names will be cleared once detectives complete their investigation into the bust-up, because he maintains Dixon was the instigator.

Making it clear he was simply defending his relatives, Sean told TMZ, "I'm not allowed to make a comment, but I will say this: my dad always taught me to stick up for my family and my loved ones, and that's what I did, and the truth will prevail."

He added of Dixon, "He was being very aggressive, that's all I can say."

Both Rod and Sean have been ordered to appear in Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Complex on 5 February to answer the charges.

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