Harry Hamlin Vows to Never Work With Steven Spielberg After Hidden Camera Audition

In a new interview, the former 'Mad Men' actor reveals that he was caught on camera gossiping about the 'Indiana Jones' director after being told to bake a cake with Stephanie Zimbalist.

AceShowbiz - Harry Hamlin refuses to work with filmmaker Steven Spielberg again after the director filmed him gossiping on a hidden camera during an audition.

The 68-year-old actor almost landed a starring role in "Indiana Jones", and was brought in to audition in front of Spielberg and George Lucas, alongside actress Stephanie Zimbalist.

However, in an interview with the New York Post's gossip column Page Six, he revealed George was late to the session, and Steven set him and Stephanie a task to bake a cake for the star in a separate room, which he'd bugged with a hidden camera.

"This was before VHS, this was before you could go to the video store to buy a camera, it's before any of that. It never occurred to me that we were actually in the audition while we were making the cake," he confessed. "The place was bugged with cameras and microphones and they, George and Steven, were upstairs watching us make the cake. That was the audition to see what our chemistry was like."

He added, "I'd been riffing on how annoying Steven Spielberg was to my friend Amy, so hey, guess what? I didn't get the part, OK, and I've never worked with Steven Spielberg. And I grant you that I never will work with Steven Spielberg and I never learned how to make a cake."

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