Pregnant Eva Amurri Crying After Failing Gestational Diabetes Test
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The daughter of Susan Sarandon gets emotional as she's dealing with gestational diabetes while getting pregnant and divorcing her husband Kyle Martino.

AceShowbiz - Pregnant actress Eva Amurri Martino is hoping for a brighter 2020 after ending the year anxiously awaiting the results of her gestational diabetes test as she deals with divorce.

Susan Sarandon's daughter announced her split from soccer pundit Kyle Martino in November 2019, and she has been keeping fans updated on her life developments via social media ever since.

On Monday, December 30, 2019, the soon-to-be mother-of-three revealed she has been trying to spend more quality time with her little ones as her children adjust to their new family dynamic, but it's been a trying time for all involved.

"This is an extremely stressful time for me," she told followers in an Instagram Story post.

"We are in the last mile of our divorce process and so we are doing a lot of the logistical-nightmare aspects of it. So we've been spending all day today changing all the utilities into my name and putting them on new payments and all that kinda stuff, which is never fun. It's basically like moving all over again."

"And I've had to tell about 20 people today that I'm getting divorced, which is not something that's so fun to tell a stranger over and over again. So I'm definitely in the real-life hard part of that."

Amurri Martino went on to share her health concerns after learning she had failed her first screening test for gestational diabetes.

"That was a big shock to me," she said. "I passed this first one-hour one with both of my other pregnancies, so now I'm taking the three-hour test tomorrow and I'm more shaken up about it than I expected to be."

"I'm feeling so overwhelmed that the idea of dealing with gestational diabetes on top of everything else is really putting me over the edge."

In the accompanying caption, the 34 year old admitted the news of the initial results had reduced her to tears.

"I'll be honest when they called me I sobbed for twenty minutes (sic)," she wrote over the video post.

However, Amurri Martino is working to stay "positive," and on Tuesday, she posted footage of herself in the doctor's office as she underwent multiple blood tests to determine her diabetes status.

She has yet to reveal the results, but told fans everything was "so far so good" as she settled in for the lengthy process, during which medics monitor the body's blood sugar levels.

The unborn child, a son, is due in the spring and will be a little brother for the former couple's three-year-old boy Major, and daughter Marlowe, five.

She and Martino wed in 2011.

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