The 'Pitch Perfect' actress reveals she usually spends the annual holiday season at her family home back in Maine by watching football game with the sound off.

AceShowbiz - Actress Anna Kendrick is grateful she's back home in Maine for Christmas, because it means she won't miss a weird family tradition.

The "Pitch Perfect" star, who plays Santa's daughter in new Disney+ film "Noelle", loves being home for the holidays, because she gets to curl up to watch a football game with "The Nutcracker" as an odd soundtrack.

"I'm so happy to get to go home this year," she tells Parade. "We do something weird. We watch football with the Nutcracker on. We turn the sound off the football and we play The Nutcracker. Every now and then it lines up perfectly. I encourage you to do it; it's so much fun."

She also insists on watching "The Muppet Christmas Carol", adding, "It's so sweet."

Christmas came early for festive Anna as she realised a dream with "Noelle".

"I've always wanted to do a Christmas movie; it's definitely always been a bucket list thing," she tells "Good Morning America". "And if you're gonna do a Christmas movie, do it with Disney... They built, like, a North Pole and you have to ice skate everywhere... It's magical, gorgeous."

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