Oscar Isaac Loves His In-Laws' Family Christmas Traditions
WENN/Sean Thorton

The 'Star Wars' actor says spending the annual festive season with his wife Elvira Lind and her Danish family feels like being transported to the North Pole.

AceShowbiz - "Star Wars" favourite Oscar Isaac is convinced his wife is the queen of Christmas, because her Danish roots make the holidays extra special.

The actor is married to director and producer Elvira Lind, and he loves being with her and her family over the holidays.

"It's (Christmas) from there (Denmark), so you go there and it feels like you're in the North Pole. It's amazing," he tells Ellen DeGeneres.

"They have really fun traditions, lots of warm wines that you can drink and dancing around the tree.

"Everyone in the room holds hands and we all sing and dance around the tree... The tree is in the centre and it's all (decorated) with actual candles."

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