Michael B. Jordan's Prom Photos Revive Criticism of His Love for White Women

The 'Black Panther' star's pictures with his date back when he's in 12th grade have just surfaced online, prompting talks that it might be the last time he was with a black woman.

AceShowbiz - Michael B. Jordan's much-judged taste in women has once again been brought up in an online discussion after his prom photos hit the web. In the throwback images, the "Creed" star, who was in 12th grade at the time in the photos, posed with his date, a black woman, who sported a sleeveless dress. The two were all smiles as he put his hand on her waist and she leaned to be close to him.

While the photos seem to be sweet, people couldn't help bringing up Michael's alleged current love for white women. "Told y'all he like black women too," one justified her/his opinion on the 32-year-old, who has been accused of only dating white women.

But many others believe that his senior high school prom date was possibly the last black woman the "Black Panther" star dated. "Prolly last black girl he dated," one remarked. Another agreed, writing, "Last black queen he's ever been with."

Some other similar comments read, "That was the last time he been with a Black girl," "Definitely one of the last times he was seen with a black woman smh lol," "Ain't been with a girl that chocolate since," and "Awww.. when he hadn't made it & used to like black women. Now he's rich & likes white women. "

But someone thinks that people made harsh judgment on the movie hunk. "Y'all want Michael b Jordan to hate black women so bad just so you can find a reason to dislike him lol," the said Instagram user responded to people's criticism.

Michael is currently dating Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra, who enlisted the "Fantastic Four" actor to star in her music video for her song "Whoa". She recently caused an online stir after some social media users that she has claimed that she's half-black despite her Iranian descent.

"My dad was dark and had an afro. We also have black people in Iran too. all colours. My mom is light and has green/brown eyes," she tweeted back in February. In another post, she denied that she's white and described herself as "middle eastern and brown."

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