Michael B. Jordan Wrecks His Ferrari After Smashing It Into Parked Car

The 'Creed' actor is involved in a car accident in Hollywood after the supercar he was driving crashed into another vehicle parked in the Sunset Boulevard.

AceShowbiz - Michael B. Jordan's $429,000 Ferrari became a mangled wreck after he smashed it into a parked car. The "Creed" actor, 36, drove the supercar into a Kia in Hollywood, California, around 11.30 P.M. on Saturday, December 2 night, with pictures taken at the scene that are being run by TMZ showing the right side of the electric blue vehicle severely smashed - with its airbags deployed and a wheel with gold rims rolling away from the car.

"Our law enforcement say police on the scene asked Jordan, 'What happened?' but the star didn't offer an explanation," TMZ reported.

The actor was seen speaking to police officers on the sidewalk after the accident outside Sunset Gower Studios.

A spokesperson for the LAPD said the incident happened at exactly 11.34 P.M. on a busy section of Sunset Boulevard and was a "traffic collision of a vehicle into a parked vehicle."

According to officials, there were no signs of anything "nefarious" and "no evidence of a DUI" upon arrival. A sobriety test was not performed on Michael and no arrests were made.

The LAPD added following the wreck, information was exchanged and no charges were filed. Pieces of metal from Michael's vehicle were also seen on the ground next to the Kia following the collision.

It is unclear if the other driver was in the vehicle or present at the time of the crash.

Aside from damage to the cars, no injuries were reported, and the "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" star was told by police to fill out a police report online.

A video obtained by TMZ, Jordan could be seen speaking to police with an unidentified friend on the sidewalk following the accident. At the time, the actor and his male companion appeared to be uninjured and calm.

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