Ed Sheeran Opens Up About Drastic Weight Lost Fueled by Online Fat-Shaming

Slimming down from 16 stone to 12 stone, the 'Shape of You' hitmaker admits on the 'Behind The Medal' podcast that the attention surrounding his body image led to insecurities.

AceShowbiz - Ed Sheeran lost four stone after cruel trolls targeted him over his weight.

The "Shape of You" hitmaker slimmed down from 16 stone to 12 stone after social media users started pointing out that he'd gained weight.

Speaking on the "Behind The Medal" podcast, he said: "I never had insecurities and people pointed them out - your brain starts thinking about them."

The star added that the attention surrounding his body image resulted in him sitting out on his first four music videos, because he felt pressure to get into shape like "the One Direction boys and Justin Bieber".

"(There were) all these people who had six-packs and I was kind of like, 'Oh, should I look like this?' " he mused.

However, the 28-year-old insisted he's not letting the negativity get to him too much, as he believes the criticism "all stems from other people's insecurities."

"So many people have things they're insecure about so it makes them feel better to point out someone else's," the I Don't Care singer shared. "Because half the people that would point out that I'm fat are probably fat themselves."

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