Henry Cavill Finds Superman Prank During Dog Walk Both Annoying And Funny

When stopping by 'The Graham Norton Show', 'The Witcher' star shares the story of a mysterious prankster pretending to be Lois Lane whenever he takes his dog for a walk in the park.

AceShowbiz - Superman star Henry Cavill is mocked by a mysterious prankster pretending to be Lois Lane every time he walks his dog in the park.

The British actor and his American Akita, Kal, named in honour of his role in the "Superman" franchise, are inseparable, but the star has found his walks with the pooch keep being interrupted by a fan's bizarre antics.

Each time Henry visits the park near his London home, he hears a strange voice pretending to Superman's love interest Lois Lane, who was played by Amy Adams in his outings as the superhero.

The star tells U.K. chat show host Graham Norton: "I haven't seen this man ever, but he does a Lois Lane impression when I am walking my dog in the park and he screams at the top of his voice, 'Help me! Save me Superman, save me!' I've still not seen him, and he's done it 25 times. It's annoying, but quite funny and it's tough not to smile."

The 36-year-old dotes on his beloved dog and takes Kal across the world with him, and revealed his bond with his hound in a recent interview with British newspaper The Times.

Discussing how he takes the dog everywhere with him, he said: "There are some places that are difficult, like Australia and New Zealand. But most places are OK, as long as you do your work beforehand and make sure he's got his rabies jabs and his tapeworm pills."

"I do my best. He's a true companion. I'm not too sure what I'd do without him, to be honest."

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