Luke Bryan Kicks Off '12 Days of Pranksmas' With A Trick on His Mom
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In a video he shared on social media, the 'This Is How We Roll' hitmaker can be seen receiving a light-hearted scolding from LeClair Bryan for pulling a stunt on her.

AceShowbiz - Country star Luke Bryan received a light-hearted scolding from his mother after pranking her by pretending to be harassed by a crazed fan.

The "This Is How We Roll" hitmaker, who has a reputation as a jokester, stages a series of holiday pranks every year, and this time around, he decided to target his own mum, LeClair Bryan.

He posted video footage of the stunt on social media on Friday, December 13, showing mother and son enjoying some quality time on a golf course.

Their day out is interrupted as they encounter an overzealous devotee, who runs up to "beautiful" Luke and tackles him to the ground, repeatedly exclaiming, "I just wanna hug you!"

LeClair motions to nearby police officers to intervene, but then decides to jump into action and attempts to fight the woman off the singer herself.

The cops soon manage to apprehend the fan, as Luke's wife, Caroline, pretends to storm up to the female to confront her.

Luke then comes clean, telling his mum, "It's 12 Days of Pranksmas!" - prompting her to fall to the ground, shaking her head.

"Don't you ever do that to me again!" she warns.

In the video's accompanying caption, Luke wrote, "We got mom good. @leclaire.bryan #12daysofpranksmas has begun..."

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