Tip Drill Claims Saucy Santana Acted Up in Club Before Shooting, Fans Still Call It Homophobic

The 'Love and Hip Hop: Miami' star appears to blame the 'Material Girl' rapper for causing a scene at the gentleman's club where she's working, insisting that the drive-by shooting wasn't a hate crime.

AceShowbiz - Tip Drill a.k.a. Kenisha Renee has disputed Saucy Santana's claim that a recent shooting targeting him and his friends was a homophobic attack after he partied up at a club earlier that night. In an Instagram video, the "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star detailed what went down that night before Saucy and his friends left the club where she's working.

Tip, who claimed she has known Saucy for a while, described him as having "big personality" and "a little bit extra." When she encountered the openly gay star in the gentleman's club, "he showed a lot of love to me," according to the reality TV star.

At one point, Saucy allegedly pulled down his pants and revealed his thongs. That's when a security guard interfered, saying that he's not allowed to do that and telling him to call down. But Saucy refused to calm down and threatened the security, who did not budge, so Tip said.

She went on recalling that Saucy was back at his section. "High" and "mad," he's allegedly "talking s**t" before going to the DJ booth and taking over the mic to rant at the security. Tip said Saucy then walked around three different sections, still disrespecting the security who still didn't touch him.

Praising the security for handling it with a lot of patience, Tip said that Saucy was back to his section where his friend eventually told him to calm down. In the end of the video, she concluded, "It wasn't an LGBT discrimination," but it was "Santana acting up."

Tip also wrote in the caption, "IM SAYING THIS WITH GOOD INTENTIONS INCASE YOUR TEAM DIDNT TELL YOU!" She added, "Hopefully this doesn't happen again because it almost cost you your life."

But many people disagreed with her, saying that it's still homophobic. "Sooooooo, it was homophobic," one commented on the video. Another added, "Girl they all homophobic including you for trying to make it seem like something else."

Some others blasted Tip for seemingly justifying the shooting on Saucy. One user wrote, "shooting someone is a b***h move and you sound like you defending it." Another similarly commented, "U really tryna justify this s**t like what they did was okay woooooow that's crazy."

While Tip wanted to defend the security guard, some people assumed from her statements that the security guard was the one pulling the attack on Saucy. "Sounds to me like she saying the security guard did it, cuz saucy was disrespecting him all night. She might want to take this down cuz now the guard is the prime suspect at this point love!" one suggested. Another remarked, "you basically saying the security did it."

In a following post, Tip tried to clarify her earlier statements after she received many negative feedbacks, writing in all caps, "I ... DONT BELIEVE IT WAS A HATE CRIME DUE TO THE ACTIONS THAT HAPPENED NOT TO LONG PRIOR TO THE SHOOTING!" Noting that she's "sooo happy nothing happened to him," she insisted, "THE S**T WASNT A HATE CRIME! THE SECURITY @theofficemiami1 SPARED HIM JUST BECAUSE HE WAS GAY ANNNNDDD WE KNEW HE WAS DRUNK!"

Saucy and two other passengers were injured after a car they rode in was struck by bullets on early Wednesday, December 11 in Miami-Dade. The shooting took place near the entrance ramp to I-95 from Miami Gardens Drive at around 4 A.M. ET. A white Chevy sedan suddenly pulled up alongside Saucy's friend's Honda sedan and opened fire with 6 to 7 shots.

All three passengers were struck by bullets. They were taken to Aventura Hospital where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries to their arms and hands.

Speaking to TMZ while still in his hospital gown, Saucy claimed that the drive-by shooting was a homophobic attack and retaliation after he and his friends pulled girls away from straight men in a strip club, hours before the incident took place.

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