Saucy Santana Is Hospitalized After Drive-By Shooting, Thinks It's Homophobic Attack

The openly gay rapper, who is a close friend of Yung Miami, claims the drive-by shooting is a retaliation after he and his friends pulled girls away from straight men at a strip club.

AceShowbiz - Florida rapper Saucy Santana has become a victim of a drive-by shooting. The entertainer and two other people are hospitalized after a car they rode in was struck by bullets on early Wednesday, December 11 in Miami-Dade.

According to police officials, the shooting took place near the entrance ramp to I-95 from Miami Gardens Drive at around 4 A.M. ET. A white Chevy sedan suddenly pulled up alongside Saucy's friend's Honda sedan and opened fire with 6 to 7 shots.

All three passengers were struck by bullets. They were taken to Aventura Hospital where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries to their arms and hands.

In a video taken after the shooting, Saucy was bleeding from his hand, but he was still able to walk around and give details of the incident to police. "These people trying to kill me," he emotionally remarked. He later asked to get a band-aid for his injury, while one of his friends was seen being carried in a stretcher and fully conscious.

Daniel Talent Management, the talent management company that handles Santana's affairs, has released a statement on behalf of the entertainer after the shooting. "Saucy Santana wants to thank everyone for the calls and support," the statement read.

Saucy has also talked to TMZ while he was still wearing a hospital gown. The rapper, known for his singles like "Walk Em Like a Dog" and "Material Girl", claimed that the drive-by shooting was a homophobic attack and retaliation after he and his friends pulled girls away from straight men in a strip club, hours before the incident took place.

Saucy, who is a friend of City Girls' Yung Miami, said he and his friends were having a lot of fun with girls at a gentleman's club called The Office. He believes that guys he saw at the club were pissed and pulled the attack.

Information on the potential shooter has not been released and no arrest has been made so far.

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