Alexis Skyy Trolled for Saying That Plastic Surgery Doesn't Make Women Beautiful

Meanwhile, some other people made fun of the 'Love and Hip-Hip: Atlanta' star for how many times she says 'at the end of the day' in her video, saying that it gets him/her 'distracted.'

AceShowbiz - Alexis Skyy has a message for ladies out there. The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star took to her social media on Sunday, November 24 to say to her online devotees what she thinks make a woman beautiful and no, it's definitely not plastic surgery.

"I want to make this message because I don't realize how many beautiful young girls look up to me," she said while she was inside her car. "So this is message for you guys--continue to follow your dream, never give up, and don't let anybody to tell you you're not beautiful."

"One girl came to me and said that, you know, basically I told her to invest in herself. You know, I've got my tits done, I've got my boobs done and things like that. So she said, 'I want to get BBL.' That's cool, girl!" she went on saying. "At the end of the day, be a bad b***h and do what you do. Get your body done. If that makes you happy, then you do that."

However, despite encouraging women to make alteration on their bodies through surgery if they think they need to, Alexis wanted to make it clear that beauty didn't come from plastic surgery. "At the end of the day, I want you guys to know though that surgery and all that stuff doesn't make you beautiful at the end of the say," she said, adding that what made women beautiful was their hearts.

"It doesn't matter if you don't have a big a**. It doesn't matter if you don't have big titties. Everybody have their own beauty," she concluded.

While her message was positive, people on the Internet found it funny because Alexiss was one whose body was surgically enhanced. "It truly doesn't but perhaps they would hear you louder if you weren't heavy in it," one person wrote on Instagram. Being skeptical, one other said, "Made her beautiful. pretty has a price these days smh and she bought it."

"Didn't she...okay sis sure," someone else said. "Lol it's easy for her to say that after doing surgery, what a joke," another user mocked the reality TV star with one adding, "Great message, wrong messenger."

Meanwhile, some people made fun of Alexis for how many times she said "at the end of the day" in the video. "I got distracted by how many times she said 'at the end of the day,' " one expressed in the comment section of The Shade Room's post of her video. Another comment read, "At the end of the day, can we retire 'at the end of the day'?" with someone else writing, "Who looks up to her at the end of the day?"

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