Steve Aoki Buys Six-Year-Old Fan Piano, Treats Him to Music Lessons

Having invited Jamar and his family to his Las Vegas home, the 'Play It Cool' hitmaker praises the boy for his passion for music and shares his belief that the youngster will be the next big producer.

AceShowbiz - Electronic music star Steve Aoki has gifted a six-year old fan piano and music lessons in the hope he'll become the next big producer.

The "Play It Cool" hitmaker, who is the highest-grossing touring dance artist in North America, invited young Jamar and his family to his home in Las Vegas via the Kids Wish Network - an organisation that grants wishes to children battling life-threatening illnesses.

During their time together, the star was so impressed with Jamar's passion for music that he decided to buy him his own piano and music lessons.

"He's a little star actually. He's a talented kid I can tell," Steve told TMZ. "He jumped right on my piano, I didn't even direct him and I didn't tell him to do it. That was the first thing he went too."

The musician went on to share he's convinced Jamar will become the next big producer, adding, "When you're that young and you are magnetically drawn to instruments, it's just bound to happen."

The "A Light That Never Comes" star also revealed he has invited the talented youngster to join him onstage at one of his gigs.

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