Ari Lennox Quits Music, Has Meltdown After Getting Snubbed at 2019 Soul Train Awards

The 'Shea Butter Baby' singer goes on a Twitter rant after she walked away empty-handed from the Soul Train Music Awards ceremony in Las Vegas over the weekend.

AceShowbiz - Ari Lennox was upset after going home empty-handed from the recent Soul Train Music Awards ceremony in Las Vegas. She lost Best R&B/Soul Female Artist to H.E.R., Album/Mixtape of the Year to Lizzo, and Best Collaboration Performance to Chris Brown.

The singer vented her frustrations on Twitter, "You know what I realized? People who genuinely f**k with me understand my frustration. People who are self hating haters and clearly have never given my music a chance got the biggest problem with me always."

She was heartbroken by the snub because "it's not just an award." She explained, "It was the soul train awards. As you can see I'm big fan of soul music and huge fan of soul trains history. Being snubbed was something I always expected and was definitely prepared for just not by them."

"Everytime I wrap my mind around it I just can't accept it. It feels like a break up," she added. "It takes a lot of energy to do these things and ultimately this was a hard loss for me."

Lennox then clarified that she never meant to diss any other nominees, "My intent was to never shade other nominees. I'm hurt and I don't expect soulless haters to understand that."

To those calling her angry posts a publicity stunt, she said, "I dont be asking these shady blogs to post what I write. Me being honest doesn't make me less gracious or less star worthy."

She then announced that she quit, "Tired of being annoying. I just ain't built like the rest of them. This s**t ain't for me. It's clear I'm not 'cool' enough. Not trendy enough and I don't care to be. I don't strive for that. I'm not going to chase this s**t ever again. No more fake s**t on my part."

"I'm not selling out. So I quit," she penned. "I'll join the damn army." To those who criticized her, she said, "You guys can't scare me. I told y'all I'm out." To her supporters, she promised, "I won't lose my mind over this s**t. I will save my sanity first."

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