John Mayer Called 'Pathetic' by Taylor Swift Fans for Making Fun of 'Lover' Lyrics
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During his Instagram Live talk show 'Current Mood', the 'New Light' singer calls his rumored ex-girlfriend 'insane' over 'We can leave the Christmas lights up till January' line.

AceShowbiz - John Mayer has some opinions about Taylor Swift's "Lover" that he needs to get out of his mind. The 42-year-old singer, who once was rumored to be dating the blonde beauty, made fun of the lyrics of the hit song during his Instagram Live show "Current Mood" on Sunday, November 17, and fans of Taylor was not having any of it.

During the show, which featured guest Shawn Mendes, John said that he loves "Lover" and admitted to getting "a little chuckle" out of it because of the lyrics, especially the "We can leave the Christmas lights up till January" bit. John found the line pretty funny because everyone who decorates their house with Christmas lights usually leaves them up until January. Thus, in his opinion, Taylor was just stating the obvious and there was nothing special about the line.

He said, "You're insane. Everyone keeps their Christmas lights up until January. And I go, 'Can you really?' Because normally I take my Christmas lights down on December 29." The "New Light" singer then felt inspired to do an impromptu remix of the ballad as he sang into the camera, "We can keep the Christmas lights up 'till January/ And then about January 5, we'll take the lights down/ And we'll put 'em in a box that we'll label that box 'Christmas lights'/ Yeah, we'll put 'em in the attic 'til next December."

Shawn found John's joke funny, but not Taylor fans who quickly blasted John over it. Someone called him "PATHETIC," while one other noted, "Sad af n he looks horrible." Another said, "What John Mayer did is peak obsession, first of all he knows he hurt Taylor to the point she can't even sing IN 2019 the song for him, he knows the melody of the song and I'm sure he listened to it a lot of times, then he MAKES FUN of it and Shawn LAUGHS."

"I'm really not here for John Mayer of all people poking fun of Taylor's most proud song lyrics," an individual said. "John Mayer full offense but I don't think you can call someone insane knowing you dated Taylor when you were like 30 and she was just 19 and you manipulated and hurt her mentally," one other said. There were also people who reminded John of Taylor's song "Dear John", which was allegedly about him.

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