Lil Xan Recalls Terrifying Seizures From Drug Withdrawals

Assuring fans that he is now 'completely sober,' the 'Betrayed' rapper opens up about the time he went 'cold turkey' for cutting Xanax completely out of his system in one go.

AceShowbiz - Lil Xan was left terrified after suffering seizures when he went cold turkey following a relapse in his battle against drug addiction.

The 23-year-old rapper told that when questions started swirling about his whereabouts earlier this year, he was actually in hospital. After getting hooked to painkillers Xanax and hydrocodone once again, the fast approaching two-year anniversary of the death of his peer Lil Peep prompted Xan to get sober. However, he went about things the wrong way, by just cutting the drugs completely out of his system in one go.

"I went cold turkey because I didn't want to be on drugs no more," he explained. "But the withdrawals actually gave me seizures, so that was a wake up call."

"They said it was from just going cold turkey off of Xanax. I wanted to stop drugs completely but I did it the wrong way. I just went cold turkey and had a couple of seizures. And I tried to bulls**t and just say I was sick and stuff, but I just wasn't ready until right now to let the world know (about my relapse)."

The "Slingshot" star added that he's now "completely sober", smiling: "I've never felt better and more clear headed."

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