Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Story Behind Her 'Totally Sober' Karaoke Performance

The Gabriella Montez of 'High School Musical' says she did a rendition of 'Breaking Free' at the request of a fan who recognized her despite her low key appearance.

AceShowbiz - vanessa Hudgens performed her iconic "High School Musical" tune "Breaking Free" at a karaoke bar at the request of a fan.

The actress starred as Gabriella Montez in all three instalments of the classic Disney Channel movies, alongside Zac Efron's Troy Bolton, and paid tribute to the franchise as she enjoyed a fun night out with friends.

Taking to Instagram last Sunday, November 10, the star shared the short video, joking in the caption she was "totally sober" while belting out the tune.

In a chat with Entertainment Tonight at the Napa Valley Film Festival on Wednesday, where she was honoured with the Visionary Award, she revealed the story behind the throwback moment.

"I was having the time of my life," she gushed. "Yes, I was. It was just, I did this independent film and it was a tiny little bubble that we created and we were all like family and that was my last night that I was gonna be with everyone, so I put on a little vintage dress that I had bought in town and proceeded to sing karaoke the entire night because it was my last night."

Explaining that she had been up on the stage earlier in the evening, Vanessa continued, "A girl came up to me and she was like, 'Vanessa?' I was like, 'Yeah?' She's like, 'You know my go-to karaoke song?' Like, what? She said 'Breaking Free.' I was like, 'we should sing it together.' So, it happened."

The surprise performance came ahead of the debut of "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" on the Disney+ streaming service, starring Olivia Rodrigo as Gabriella and Joshua Bassett as Troy, which debuted on Tuesday.

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