Mike Posner Driven by Father's Death to Complete His Walk Across America

Having concluded the challenging journey from New Jersey to Los Angeles, the 'I Took A Pill In Ibiza' rapper explains he pushed through to 'become someone he is actually proud of.'

AceShowbiz - Mike Posner was compelled to complete his trek across the U.S. following the death of his dad in 2017.

The musician is best known for his 2016 tune "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" but, after losing his father to cancer, the star gave up his vices and embarked on a quest to find himself.

Beginning his trip in Asbury Park, New Jersey on 15 April, Posner brought his journey to a conclusion in Los Angeles, California on October 18, following a difficult couple of months which included a three-week break after he was bitten by a rattlesnake and warned he might lose his leg.

While the singer confessed his body was "really starting to fall apart" as the walk went on, he told BBC News he felt compelled to complete the walk and triumph in his endeavour.

"I walked to become someone I'm actually proud of," he said. "Before I left, I suspected I had a little pocket of untapped potential inside me. I was wrong, there was a huge basin of untapped potential."

The "Cooler Than Me" star added that, following his achievement, he has no plans to slow down, explaining: "I needed to let my body and mind know that even though The Walk is over, we aren't done... it's my job to keep exploring what's there".

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