Big Sean Bragging About Making Jhene Aiko Climax 9 Times in One Day Sets Twitter Abuzz

The 'Bounce Back' rapper shocks everyone with his vulgar lyrics about his ex-girlfriend in Jhene's new song 'None of Your Concern', in which he is featured.

AceShowbiz - Big Sean gets NSFW in Jhene Aiko's new song "None of Your Concern". Proving that they're still on good terms after splitting up earlier this year, the rapper is featured in her track in which he also shares a little too much about their bedroom details.

In the song, the former couple reflects on their relationship in the aftermath of their split. "But every time I lay down I think about you naked," Sean spits his lyrics. But the latter part of his lyrics is the most shocking one as he brags about making Jhene climax nine times in one day.

"And if you find my replacement, how could you?" he continues his part. "I made you cum nine times in one day/ Your two lips should come in a vase/ You rode my face I realize you look as good as you taste? Hmm (Yeah) Fingers all in your mouth/ I'm grabbin' you up and di**in' you down/ I'm grabbin' your waist, your room is my only escape/ I guess that's none of your concern."

Following the song's release, fans have taken to Twitter to express their shock at Sean's raunchy confession. "Big Sean Made Jhene Cum 9 Times In 1 Day???? These Type of N****as Exist??????" someone asked. Apparently proud that people took notice of his NSFW lyrics, he liked the said comment.

Another Twitter user reacted, "This man Big Sean just slid in at the end of the song, and I oop-." Someone elseo commented, "big sean said he made Jhené cum 9 times in one day, which explains why she's triggered."

"If Big Sean made Jhene cum 9 times in a day, then I understand why she tatted his face," a fourth user posted. Another one claimed, "i just know big sean got that thang on him. i feel it." Another comment read, "Big Sean said he made Jhene cum 9 time in one day. And here I am thinking I was on her level of triggered. I wasn't even close."

"When Big Sean said 'I made you cum nine times in one day' I bet no dude felt that," someone else wrote on Twitter. Disagreeing with the previous commenter, another social media user claimed, "My boyfriend made me climax 11 times in 2 hours....Take that Big Sean."

Sean and Jhene dated on and off for three years before calling it quits in March. They maintain a good relationship, though, with Jhene having been featured in the rapper's song "Single Again" last summer.

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