Chrissy Teigen Reveals She Ate From Trash Can Before She Was Famous

The wife of John Legend opens up to her online followers on her pre-celebrity days, telling them that she took out food from garbage can and ate it for her lunch.

AceShowbiz - Chrissy Teigen opened up on her younger days when she was still poor. The mother of two revealed to her almost 12 million followers on Twitter that she worked two different jobs and ate from the trash can before she became a famous model.

It was revealed when she responded to an internet question about what's the most unprofessional thing people had done at work. She replied, "When they made me fill the register with my own money because it was off at the end of the night. Also, eating from the trash." She added, "2 different jobs."

When one fan asked what she ate, she responded, "There used to be a place called Tocano or something. They made house made potato chips with a chipotle bbq sauce. This was my lunch every day for a year. Someone threw it out and I pulled the pins and tags out and ate it 5 hours later."

Hours earlier on the same platform, Chrissy gave the best response to an internet troll after she was targeted for making comments during a NCAA football game between the Lousiana State University Tigers and the University of Alabama Crimson Tides.

"Wait so if someone wants to, they can hide off the field out of bounds then come in and sneak attack a touchdown. this is all good to know," she wrote, which earned her a sexist comment: "Stick to being hot with giant cans." Instead of getting angry, she turned the diss into a compliment, "I know you're trying to be mean but I really needed this today so thank u."

When another fan asked her what team she was rooting for during the game, the wife of John Legend replied, "I'm going for no one, I just like to watch sports and learn sports."

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