O.J. Simpson Files Lawsuit Against Vegas Hotel After Employee Accuses Him of Belligerence
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According to a hotel staff back in November 2017, the former athlete was kicked out of The Cosmopolitan after he got drunk, disruptive and 'broke glasses at a bar.'

AceShowbiz - It's been more than a year since news broke that O.J. Simpson got kicked out of The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas "for belligerence," but the former athlete is still so hurt by the report that he has now decided to sue the hotel for defamation. He alleged in his lawsuit filed on Thursday, November 7 that an unnamed employees defamed him by telling a news site that he had been drunk, disruptive and unruly during his visit to the casino.

For a refresher, back in November 2017, TMZ published a story that stated Simpson got drunk, became disruptive and angry, as well as broke glasses at a bar. According to a hotel staff, security guards were soon escorted Simpson out of the bar and he has since been permanently banned from the Cosmopolitan.

In his lawsuit, Simpson denied he was belligerent, broke any glass or damaged any of the place's property. He also denied being intoxicated and said his group was approached by a manager at the steakhouse in the hotel as the latter wanted to thank him for being "a gracious guest." However, when he was leaving for the night, an employee handed him a trespass notice and said he was not welcomed back for entering a private property.

This obviously made Simpson, who at the time was just released from prison on parole, shocked since he was adamant he had never been involved in an incident that could warrant a permanent ban. Even his parole officer found that Simpson had not violated his probation when showing up unannounced to conduct drug and alcohol tests after the news broke. Thus, the officer "ultimately determined that the Cosmopolitan's assertions against Simpson were false."

Cosmopolitan spokesperson declined to comment on the report. Meanwhile, TMZ is not a defendant in the lawsuit.

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