Nicole Brown Simpson's Sisters Admit to Have 'Complicated' Feelings on O.J.'s Death
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Dominique and Denise share in a new interview that Nicole introduced them to the late football player in 1977 when the aspiring model and photographer was 18.

AceShowbiz - Sisters of O.J. Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, have broken their silence on his death. When speaking to PEOPLE, Tanya, Dominique and Dennis admitted that they had mixed feelings about it.

"It's very complicated," Dominique told the publication. Tanya then added, "This is a person who's been in our life for a very long time, who wreaked havoc on our family. It's like the end of a chapter."

Dominique and Denise shared that Nicole introduced them to O.J. in 1977 when the aspiring model and photographer was 18. Dominique, 59, initially thought O.J. was "amazing" after watching the athlete play football.

Unfortunately, "all hell broke loose when we came home that night," Denise recounted, as O.J. "flipped out" over seeing Nicole kiss a mutual male friend on the cheek at the game. She remembered O.J. having "her upstairs in the bathroom, crying. He said, 'You embarrassed me.' "

Nicole "thought that everything would be different having a child" after the latter got pregnant with her and O.J.'s daughter, Sydney Simpson, according to Dominique. However, things only got worse.

"She was pregnant, and he was calling her a fat pig," Denise divulged. Thus, she was not too surprised upon learning of the news that Nicole had been stabbed to death in June 1994 at the age of 35.

"The moment my mom got the phone call, I heard this screaming from my parents' bedroom," she said. "It was gut-wrenching. I grabbed the phone, and the detective said, 'Your sister's been killed.' I said, 'Oh my God, he did it, he finally did it.' I knew in my heart [it was O.J.]."

Before her tragic death, Nicole reportedly had much better life as she split from O.J., who died at the age of 76 from metastatic prostate cancer in April. "What no one knows she experienced before her death is freedom," Dominique disclosed. "There was this levity about her. She was glowing."

"I'm so glad that she had a good time the last two years of her life," Tanya chimed in. "I can't bring her back, so why not try to look at it like that?"

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