Irv Gotti Defends T.I. for Checking His Daughter's Hymen: It's His Way of Parenting
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The music producer tells a shutterbug that he can see why T.I. was so strict with his daughter Deyjah, 'I understand his logic and his line of thinking.'

AceShowbiz - Irv Gotti responded to the controversy surrounding T.I.'s remarks about taking his daughter to doctor to get her virginity checked. The music producer said he was not going to bash the rapper for the way he kept tight leash on his daughter Deyjah, suggesting it's not his place to criticize the rapper.

"I'm not going to judge T.I," he said when asked about the controversy by a TMZ paparazzo. "T.I.'s parenting is T.I.'s parenting. I don't care..." However, he wouldn't do to his own daughter what T.I. did to Deyjah, "I love the s**t out of my daughter. My daughter can do whatever she wants."

"I'm not doing that. But I'm not knocking T.I.," Gotti added. "I understand his logic and his line of thinking." When pressed further, he said, "That's his daughter. He's going to be a father how he wants to be a father to his daughter."

"I'm not saying that I'll do that," he continued. "It's his way of parenting, man." When asked his opinions about people cancelling T.I., he laughed, "Cancel T.I!? Let's cancel T.I. cause he loves his daughter! He loves his daughter and wants her to stay a virgin. Let's cancel him."

Irv Gotti was not the only one who was in favor of T.I. Jeannie Mai recently defended the rapper on "The Real", "I support what T.I. is doing... because I understand how hard it must be to communicate with an opposite-gender daughter, especially in this time. And especially what he must have seen and known, you know... of what boys are like."

Meanwhile, the two podcast hosts who interviewed T.I. issued an apology after they took the heat for the way they reacted to the rapper's comments. Nazanin Mandi, who is Miguel's wife, and her co-host Nadia Moham were called out for laughing during the shocking interview.

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