Lil Pump Called Out for Animal Abuse and His Use of N Word After Bitten by Snake

The 19-year-old rapper whose real name is Gazzy Garcia receives mixed comments from his online followers following a bloody encounter with a snake on the set of his music video.

AceShowbiz - Lil Pump had a scary encounter with a snake on the set of his music video. The 19-year-old rapper got bitten by the serpent during the filming, and the incident was caught on camera. He uploaded it on his Instagram.

The video started with Lil Pump sitting on white stairs as he was handed a snake, but things didn't go well. The snake that seemed to be tame suddenly attacked him, prompting him to scream and throw the animal away.

The hip hop star then came close to the camera to show his bloody hand. "I just got bit by a snake," he said. Near the end of the video before it was cut off, the snake seemed to get ready to strike again, scaring everyone on the set.

"WTF I can't f**k w no snakes. I hope I don't die," Lil Pump wrote in the caption. It soon drew numerous comments from his fans and friends alike. Justin Bieber wrote, "Bro can't f*** with snakes." Some others laughed at his misery, "Yo but why u screamed doe????" "That snake going to get high tonight because that's all lil pump do is get high," and "You say you slime right? Lol."

A few noticed the terrified guy who yelled the loudest at the very end and made fun of him: "Anyone see that guy in the very end lmao" and "That n***a at the end yell like you or at least reminds off you say noooooo!!"

There were those who criticized him for his choice of word: "The snake called me and told me it's because you kept saying the N word," "U can't say the n word u white." Another called him out for animal abuse, "Um excuse me but you are abusing that snake omg."

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