Cardi B Takes Twitter War With Nicki Minaj's Fans to the Street of NYC - Here Is Crazy Confrontation

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker loses her patience with internet trolls and confronts them at night in New York City following their heated war of words on social media.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B was ready to fight self-proclaimed Nicki Minaj fans following their heated exchange on Twitter. The online war of words quickly escalated as the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker exploded and gave her location in New York to confront them in person. She's waiting on the street ready for a duel.

The feud started after Cardi seemingly threw shade at Nicki following the release of the latter's collaboration with Columbian star Karol G. "Cause I passed on it... now sip on that," Cardi wrote a cryptic tweet, leading people to assume that she dissed Nicki for accepting her reject.

Cardi and Nicki have been pitted against each other by mostly trolls and fueled by easily-provoked fans since "Bodak Yellow" dominated the charts. Although Cardi didn't mention anything about Nicki or Karol in her now-deleted tweet, people were convinced it was a jab at the "Anaconda" femcee due to the timing.

Nicki's loyal devotees were fuming, and one of them warned her, "Don't get beat up." She replied, "By who? Cause I'm 46 and 8th ave in NY in case somebody want to see me." One of the trolls taunted her, "I'm standing right here. I'm standing right here," with a video showing the exact location.

She quickly uploaded her own video showing the same location. "The f**k?" she said moving her camera around trying to spot her foes. "See, I'm still right here just in case somebody wanna see me. Stop. Now leave me alone." The troll responded, "Huh? Huh? I don't see you sweetie. I'm on the block pull up. Skr Skr where you at," while his friends were giggling in the background.

"12:32, I'm right here, right here. What is this street? 46 and 8th? Waiting for you honey 'cause I don't see you. That s**t probably old 'cause you ain't here," she accused them of lying.

When they finally crossed paths, the troll suddenly changed their stance. "It's like you troll, I troll," one of them said. Cardi replied, "I'm not about trolling, I pull the f**k up," while another troll claimed, "We're fans." At one point during the confrontation, she also said, "Aww, you scared? Love you!"

Although they parted on good terms, she warned others in a tweet, "Stop trying and pick and pick and pick cause I ain't going keep letting people play with me. I been chillin let me chill in peace." She has since deleted the whole videos from her Twitter.

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