Nicki Minaj Clarifies After Making Fans Freak Out With 'Expecting' Tweet

Soon after she posts the tweet, many people begin speculating whether the 'Anaconda' rapper, who is currently married to Kenneth Petty, is having a bun in the oven.

AceShowbiz - Is Nicki Minaj having a bun in the oven? The Young Money female emcee has recently sent her fans into frenzy after she posted a tweet that made many people assume that she was pregnant with her and husband Kenneth Petty's baby.

She wrote on the micro-blogging site on Wednesday night, October 30, "Expecting a," before deleting it right after. Despite how fast she was in deleting the tweet, eagle eyed fans were quick to take a screen grab of the tweet and shared it online. Soon, people began making speculation whether or not Nicki was expecting a baby.

" 'EXPECTING A' WHAT NICKI???? Pls say its a baby," one hopeful fan asked. Another similarly wondered, "Is nicki trying to tell us she's expecting a baby or???" Meanwhile, someone urged the rapper to "finish the damn sentence" because s/he was dying from curiosity. Nicki herself later followed it up with a tweet that read, "My bad y'all," before clarifying what she really meant.

"Expecting an official date/time for #QueenRadio in the morning," so she wrote in the since-deleted tweet. "Blogs rlly reposting a typo that was up for 14 seconds chile. Go to bed. Even if it's day time in your time zone. All of y'all just go to bed."

Even though Nicki actually isn't expecting just yet, her mother Carol Minaj has expressed how she looks forward to welcome a grandchild following the "Anaconda" rapper's marriage to Kenneth. Carol said during an interview with VH1's Marc Gardner, "I'm very happy she got married. Her biological clock is ticking, and it's about time she got married and gave me some grandchildren. So I'm very happy."

Nicki herself previously said that she and Kenneth had been practicing "baby-making" all the time, but admitted to not being ready to become a mother.

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