Cam'Ron Admits He 'Didn't Want to Go That Far' With Old Beef With Nas

The 'Hey Ma' hitmaker and the 'World Is Yours' rapper were involved in a war of words back in 2002 when the former dissed HOT 97 as well as Cam, calling the rapper's album 'wack.'

AceShowbiz - Cam'Ron is revisiting his beef with Nas. During his upcoming interview with the "Rap Radar" Podcast, the "Oh Boy" star reveals that he does regret going that far with the feud he had with "The World Is Yours" rapper.

"I'm a real big Nas fan. What happened was, Nas just dissed me for no reason," Cam'Ron said of Nas, with whom he performed at Jay-Z's "B-Sides 2" concert earlier this year, much to everyone's surprise. "It was really tough decision to make but dag, man. What did he diss us for? We didn't even do nothing to him. He's more mad at HOT 97."

Explaining his action at the time, the "Hey Ma" hitmaker continued, "At that particular era, it was like, 'Look, this is Nas. We can't just do one song because he could come back with another song and kind of kill everything, you know what I'm saying? So let's just bombard the situation, you know what I'm saying?' That was the only way we felt that we could handle it because Nas was such a legend at that particular time."

When asked if he thought he was crossing the line, Cam responded, "I mean, at that particular time I probably didn't [think that]. There's some things that I found out about afterwards that I probably wouldn't have said if I knew."

"Do I regret it? Yeah, because I didn't want to go that far. But, at that particular time in my mindset--and the n****s I was running around with, they didn't give a f**k," he added.

Nas and Cam were involved in a war of words back in 2002 when the former dissed Cam, calling the rapper's album "wack." Later in 2017, Cam shared with ESPN's Highly Questionable that they had buried the hatchet a long time ago. "No disrespect to either one of these guys. Cause I have no problem with these guys now," he said at the time. "I had past previous beef with these guys. I have no beef with them now."

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