Rosario Dawson and Family Accused of Assaulting Ex-Employee for Being Transgender
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The 'Daredevil' alum has been named in a lawsuit by Dedrek Finley, who claimed he was verbally and physically abused by the actress and her family after he came out as a transgender man.

AceShowbiz - Rosario Dawson has been accused of verbal and physical abuse on a transgender man. The actress is being sued by a former employee, who claimed the actress and her family assaulted and disrespected him after he came out.

According to TMZ, Dedrek Finley, who previously went by Deidre before coming out as transgender, says he knew the Dawson family for decades on the East Coast, before he moved from NYC to L.A. in 2017 at the request of Rosario's mother Isabel. He says he lived in a separate home on Rosario's North Hollywood property, which he didn't pay rent for, in exchange for his service to do renovations on Rosario's house.

In his lawsuit, Dedrek claims the family didn't take his coming out well. Isabel, her husband Gregory and her brother Gustavo allegedly kept referring to him by his old name and used female pronouns. Dedrek says he complained about this to Rosario repeatedly, but she ignored it.

Later in April 2018, Dedrek says his hours were drastically cut and he was informed that he needed to move out. Isabel allegedly got violent with him when he refused to discuss the issue with her. Dedrek claims Rosario's mother threatened to kill his cat, ripped the screen off a window and pulled him outside through it. She allegedly also punched him and screamed, "You're not so much of a man now."

Dedrek recalls Rosario yelled, "Mom, stop being petty." But instead of helping him, the "Sin City" star allegedly pinned him so her mother could continue the beatdown. One of the women later reportedly took his phone away from him during the beating, because he had a video of Isabel threatening him earlier in the year, and to stop him from calling 911.

Dedrek says in the suit that he was eventually able to scramble inside Rosario's home, and then grabbed a phone and called 911. Police responded to the scene and Dedrek was taken to a hospital for treatment. He allegedly got a restraining order against Isabel on the next day. Dedrek was forced out of the home around 2018, after the Dawson family reportedly shut off the gas and made it impossible to live in it.

He's now suing Rosario, her mother, stepfather and uncle for assault, battery, trespass, discrimination, civil rights and labor violations. The actress has not responded to the allegations.

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