City Girls' JT Reflects on Her Prison Stint in Lengthy Message

While several fellow celebrities show approval of the Miami rapper's messages on the Twitter post, some fans aren't fully down with her tweets, especially the part about taking money from men.

AceShowbiz - City Girls rapper JT had just been released from prison after serving for two years for credit card fraud. The Miami rapper apparently learned a lot during the prison stint, prompting her to make use of her Twitter account to share some messages for women.

"I was locked up w/ so many women who were in prison because they kept it real w/ men & those men did not keep it real with them!" she opened up in a Twitter post on Sunday, October 13. "I want y'all to know that whatever you do DONT let a man influence you in the moment of 'love' if he love you he wouldn't put you in situations PERIOD."

JT, however, emphasized that these women were not being stupid. "& it's not called being stupid, it's called being influenced In a state of vulnerability!" she went on saying in a separate tweet. "We taking these n****a money & putting our self first from here on out!"

Most fans and fellow celebrities agreed with everything that JT as Angela Stanton said, "Gotta approve this message a 100 times." Bobby Lytes also echoed the sentiment, writing, "I approve this message!"

However, some weren't fully down with JT's tweets, especially the part about taking money from men. "At first I was like yeah and then I was like oh nah at the end lol. Thought she was gonna say we getting our own money but she said we taking their money which means she still hasn't learned to fend for herself. Only scavenge off another person. No lesson here. Continued cycle," one fan disagreed. One other comment read, "I'd rather make my own money and put my own self on sis! Taking money from a man is NOT my ultimate goal in life!"

Following her return from prison, JT treated her fanst with a new track titled "JT First Day Out". "Now I'm up, but I could write a book about the rainy days," JT, born Jatavia Johnson, raps in the new song. "I don't gotta throw shade to get a fan base."

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