Cody Simpson Pens Love Poem for Miley Cyrus as She Feels Down From Battling Tonsillitis
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The 22-year-old Australian star dedicates a romantic love poem to his new flame who is recovering from tonsillitis while he's staying by her bedside to help nurse her back to health.

AceShowbiz - Cody Simpson is totally smitten with Miley Cyrus. The Australian singer/songwriter penned on Instagram a romantic poem to declare his love for the former "Hannah Montana" actress while staying by her bedside as she was recovering from tonsillitis.

In his Prince of Neptune Instagram account, the 22-year-old star from Down Under captioned a picture of a woman who looked like Miley: "The moon's souvenir / the boulevardier / a ballerina on the promenade / we open our curtains / to the domesticated world / for a natural hour / spinning Elvis records / and making love / in the soft jewelled morning."


Cody Simpson stays by Miley Cyrus' bedside

Meanwhile, Miley called herself the "luckiest" girl in the world for having Cody helping her nurse herself back to health. The 26-year-old star shared on her Instagram story a picture of her new squeeze sitting by her bed while strumming a guitar. "The DR. is back….," she wrote. She also referred to a "Mom I'm gay" poster on the background with a cheeky note: "Btw mom… there's been a change of plans."


Miley Cyrus recoves from tonsillitis

While she was happy for having Cody by her side, Miley admitted that being sick was not fun. "Tonsillitis is a f***ing f***!," she captioned a photo of her lying on bed. She added in another similar image, "This f***ing blows."


Miley Cyrus is confined to bed

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