Bam Margera Dodges Jail Time by Pleading Guilty in Trespassing Case

Nearly two months after he was arrested for refusing to leave a Los Angeles hotel, the former 'Jackass' star finds himself sentenced to a 90-day controlled substance treatment program.

AceShowbiz - Bam Margera has dodged jail in his trespassing case after pleading guilty to overstaying his welcome at a Los Angeles hotel.

The "Jackass" star was arrested in August after refusing to leave the Luxe Hotel when staff members told him there were no rooms available.

Bam was reportedly under the influence at the time and he has since sought help for his issues, with the judge overseeing the case informing him he will not face jail as long as he successfully completes drug treatment, according to TMZ.

The judge also sentenced Margera to a 90-day controlled substance treatment programme, and he has been ordered to stay away from the hotel during his three-year probation period.

Bam checked into rehab over the summer after TV self-help guru Dr. Phil McGraw staged a family intervention.

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