Loni Love Reveals She Isn't Ready to Meet Boyfriend's Children
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During a recent discussion regarding her partner's kids on 'The Talk', the 48-year-old TV personality reveals she has yet to meet James Welsh' kids and grandkids though they live in L.A.

AceShowbiz - It's been a while since Loni Love is dating her boyfriend James Welsh, whom she started dating last year. While it seems like the pair are taking things seriously, "The Talk" co-host recently admitted that she had yet to meet James' children.

During a recent discussion regarding her partner's kids on the morning talk show, Loni revealed that she hadn't "met James' grandkids." That prompted co-host Adrienne Bailon to ask her if she had met his kids. "No, I haven't met the kids yet either. They just send me videos and stuff," the 48-year-old said.

Loni said that they live in Los Angeles and insisted that she did want to meet them one day. "I ain't ready yet. ... They see me on TV every day. They know my personality," the TV personality said.

Loni has always been known to keep things real. She previously hit back to people who had been questioning her decision to date a white man.

"Amazed at times at the folks concerned that I am dating a White male...," the comedian said on Friday, August 23. She went on noting, "For years Black males have dated White and 'E xotic' women and no one questions it," before adding the hashtag of #lovewhileyoucan at the end of her post.

Fans agreed with her as one of them replied, "Exactly!! I am invisible until I am on the arm of a white man...then Black men have a problem with it, but prefer to date other races." Another one urged her to ignore the haters and just live the way she wants. "People have an issue because they don't have anyone and you do. You and James are cute. As long as you're happy."

"Don't pay those people any mind; they are probably just unhappy in their own lives. Love who you love & who loves you in return!" added one other. Another comment, meanwhile, read, "You do you. People are gonna hate. If he is making you happy and fulfilling your dreams in a mate, go and be happy."

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