'Teen Mom' Star Chelsea Houska Praised for Taking Her Children to Pride Parade

In the Tuesday, October 1 episode of 'Teen Mom 2', her husband Cole DeBoer also revealed that he wouldn't mind if one of their children is gay as saying, 'They're the same person to me.'

AceShowbiz - It's not everyday that you see parents taking their children to pride parade, so when Chelsea Houska did just that, she was quickly showered with praises. In the Tuesday, October 1 episode of "Teen Mom 2", the MTV star and her husband Cole DeBoer were documented preparing to go to a Pride Parade near their home along with their children.

Cole was definitely hyped about joining the parade as he was decked in full rainbow-colored outfit that looked really good on him. "It's very tight," he said, before Chelsea assured him, "It does look really good." Still, he thought that the shorts were too tight for him so he eventually decided to bring a pair of shorts just in case.

Later during their ride to the Pride Parade, Chelsea and Cole had a serious talk about the LGBTQ community, with Cole revealing that he wouldn't mind if one of their kids is gay. "People [ask] all the time, 'What if you have a gay son or daughter?' [And] I [wouldn't] care. They're the same person to me," he noted. "People are stupid."

Those who watched the episode were moved by the married couple and heaped praises on them for their parenting skill. "I loved seeing your family at pride and I definitely love that your teaching your children that love is love and it's ok to be you and love who you want!!!" one said. Another individual admitted, "I've always loved [Chelsea Houska] and how she raises her babies and it makes me love her so much more after watching she took them to a pride parade."

"Yes [Chelsea] it's important to teach your children to except sin. Your children will turn on you if you don't tell them the truth," someone wrote. Meanwhile, an individual noted, "[Chelsea] and Cole DeBoer are literally parenting goals taking their kids to #Pride is amazing and Cole really pulled off that romper."

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