'LHH: ATL' Pooh Hicks Claims Kirk Frost Cheats on Rasheeda With Her

Although Pooh quickly deletes the Twitter posts after claiming that she had been 'hacked,' fans already catch the wind of the controversial revelation about the VH1 couple.

AceShowbiz - There is a new drama among "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" cast members. Fan-favorite's couple Kirk Frost and Rasheeda Frost are hit with another cheating allegations. Co-star Pooh Hicks took to her social media account to reveal that Kirk had been sliding into her DM to hit on her.

In the September 27 post, Pooh first slammed fellow "LHH: Atlanta" cast members, including Rasheeda, Karlie Redd and Mimi Faust. "What's crazy to me is how all the girls wanna link up and play buddy buddy whena ll you H**s do is talk about each other @RASHEEDA @KARLIEREDD @MimiFaust do better before you sit and discuss me," so Pooh wrote on Twitter.

She continued spilling the tea in a separate tweet in which she wrote, "@RASHEEDA You going to have to tell Kirk to stay out of my dm's." Pooh, who is married to Hiriam Hicks, added, "I'm a married woman like you and it's disrespectful!"

Pooh, however, quickly deleted the posts, claiming that she had been "hacked." But Twitter users had already caught the wind of the controversial revelation with many slamming Kirk for once again being unfaithful to Rasheeda. "Damn kirk really ain't s**t. I believe her he been cheatin on rashida since day 1. plus y'all know pooh carry receipts," one fan weighed in on the scandal.

"Tell us something we don't know about Kirk lol and it's clear Rasheeda love her man and ain't going no where. He been cheating," another fan chimed in. Someone else added, "I can believe the part about Kirk he been for everybody. Let my clutch my pearls and gather mysseelfff! #MessyMessyMessy."

Meanwhile, another comment read, "He had a whole baby , some dm's not gone move her Ms.Pooh kirk be cheating."

Neither Rasheeda and Kirk has commented on the cheating allegations.

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