'LHH: ATL' Star Pooh Hicks Addresses Karlie Redd Threesome Rumors, Claims She Dated Queen Latifah

During a new interview, the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star shares that she and the rapper don't have bad blood even though their relationship didn't work out, noting that it was 'a good breakup.'

AceShowbiz - "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Pooh Hicks didn't hesitate to spill some tea. During her recent interview with "The Domenick Nati Show", the VH1 star talked about rumors of her having threesome with co-star Karlie Redd and husband Hiriam Hicks.

The rumors were brought up again after Pooh brought an alleged proof, "750 dollar sheets" which she claimed had Karlie's fecal on it, and threw it at Karlie in an episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta". Of the topic, Pooh said in the interview, "I'm not bringing up the threesome. Me and Karli have other issues that we needed to iron out, so that's why I was coming to her to talk about other issues, 'cause to me a threesome is not that deep, but that's only to me."

"Everybody is not me, so I was coming to her to talk about other things. It just seemed like I was coming to her about the threesome, but she kept bringing it up because she wanted to convince her friends and the fans that she didn't do it," she went on saying. "So we just always ended up talking about that, which I didn't even want to talk about that. I wanted to talk about other issues. I hate that I was portrayed that way. I hate that it seemed like I was mad because I wasn't invited to her engagement party, because that's not true."

During the interview, Pooh also talked about another rumor about her which had been circulating for some time. It was said that she once dated hip hop mogul Queen Latifah, and much to everyone's surprises, she confirmed that it was true. "Yes, me and Queen Latifah, we had dated in the past," she shared. "It was a long time ago. It was when I was in my 20s. Around about when I was like, 24, 25-years-old."

The TV star said that they didn't have bad blood even though their relationship didn't work out, noting that it was "a good breakup." She continued, "It just that I wasn't ready for the lesbian scene at the time because I was young and I didn't quite understand it. I was just kind of like, young and confused and just experimenting. Doing a little of this and a little of that. It wasn't really a break-up, break-up. She went on to Hollywood and did her thing and we just went our separate ways."

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