Evelyn Lozada Caught Denying She's Black in Resurfaced Tweet After Afro-Latina Comment

Even though the 'Basketball Wives' star has clarified her past tweet, many people still don't buy her explanation and continue to criticize the VH1 personality.

AceShowbiz - Evelyn Lozada has some explaining to do. Following an interview during which the reality TV star said she's an Afro-Latina, an old tweet that showed her denying that she has any black in her has resurfaced online. This undoubtedly created buzz among social media users who were quick to blast the VH1 personality.

In the said tweet, one follower was asking Evelyn, "Are you sure you don't have any black in you?" It appeared the question made the "Basketball Wives" star a little bit angry as she answered, "Figuratively speaking?! No!" Evelyn also added an angry emoji, face with steam from nose emoji and a blushing emoji in her tweet.

People immediately blasted Evelyn after learning of the tweet. "They only claim they're black when is beneficial, or whatever Nicki said," one wrote, as someone else admitted s/he wasn't surprised to know that Evelyn had said that in the past. Rather, the user was "trying to figure out how y'all believed her in the first place." Another wrote, "People only wanna be black when it's convenient."

Evelyn herself has responded to the tweet as she clarified, " 'Figuratively speaking' meaning I wasn't getting any [eggplant emoji] #TryAgain." But people still didn't buy her clarification and continued to criticize her. "Nah don't switch up now what do you do anyway ? Like what's your job ?" a user commented under her post. "That's not an excuse," one other told her. One person, on the other hand, said, "Naw, you're a confused individual. Just like many others you want to ride the Black wave when it's convenient for you!"

Earlier this week, Evelyn declared that she's an Afro-Latina during an interview on "Just the Sip" and revealed how she was bothered when one of her "Basketball Wives" co-stars accused her of trying to be black. "I was so offended because I didn't know what that meant. I'm like, 'I think I'm Black? I grew up in New York!' I know where I come from," she said. "I'm proud to be Puerto Rican and from New York and Afro-Larina and all that good stuff."

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