Hoping to excite fans with a tweet about the season premiere, the TV star is instead met with trolling from fans who can't help but make comments about the fatal accident last month.

AceShowbiz - "Shark Tank" returned for its season 11 on Sunday, September 29 and it marked the first time for judge Kevin O'Leary to return following the fatal boat accident involving him and his wife Linda O'Leary. Hoping to excite fans with a tweet about the season premiere, Kevin was instead met with trolling from fans who couldn't help but make comments about the accident.

"Brand new episode of @ABCSharkTank starting NOW! Who's watching!?" he tweeted on Sunday. Instead of expressing their excitement for the new episode, the fans replied to the tweet with snarky comments about the August 24 crash which claimed the lifes of two passengers.

"Kevin were you driving the boat?" one fan wrote. "Sir have you discovered your soul yet?" another fan tweeted, while someone else boldly said, "Kevin, I'll be frank with you. I'm not watching."

Another fan responded to another tweet from Kevin about Climate Change. "You care about #ClimateChange our oceans and #Sustainability The #sharks do too. Watch the first pitch of tonights season premier @ABCSharkTank at 9:00pm & meet the woman who is going to change the world with one incredible idea. She sets the tone for the whole season. #SRI," the tweet read.

Replying to the tweet, a user chided Kevin, "We care about our local lakes as well. Hey Mr I wasn’t driving the boat. Yes, speeding & intoxication in boats does lend to climate change..for families who loose their loved ones especially. PS, please don't be a puss and block my siblings. --Scrubdaddy."

Two were killed in the boat crash which occured in August in Ontario, Canada. The victims were Gary Poltash (64) and Susane Brito (48) while three other people were injured. Linda, who was behind the wheel of the boat, was charged with careless operation of a vessel following the accident. According to Ontario Provincial Police's media relations coordinator, Carolle Dionne, Linda is facing a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison or a $1 million fine.

"Now that the authorities have concluded their thorough investigation, I have no further comment other than to say that our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of those who lost loved ones in this awful tragedy. Our hearts go out to them," Kevin's agent said in a statement after his wife was charged.

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