Remy Ma Under Fire for Rape Victim Comparison to Prostitute

The 'All the Way Up' rapper remains mum after shocking people with her controversial comments in which she likens rape victims seeking financial compensation from their attackers to 'prostitution.'

AceShowbiz - Remy Ma has landed in hot water after making controversial remarks about sexual assault survivors. The Bronx native discussed sexual assault allegations against former NFL player Antonio Brown with co-hosts Joe Budden, Eboni K. Williams and Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins on Revolt TV's talk show "State of the Culture" when she questioned why rape victims seek financial compensation from their attackers.

"If you rape my sister, my daughter, my anything ... I don't want your money," she said. "Worst case scenario, I want something to happen to you so that you're removed from being able to do this to someone else."

Eboni, who is an attorney, said that "some people feel like that's the compensation that they want," explaining that some survivors seek payment for emotional distress, therapy and loss of income due to trauma.

Still disagreeing, Remy said, "That's called prostitution." She added, "It's seems like in a lot of these alleged sexual assault cases the women are asking for money. 'Hey give me money and I'll feel better.' To me, in any exchange with sexual acts of being compensated with money, that’s prostitution."

Her co-hosts begged to differ, with Joe stressing, "You have to agree to the sex for it to be prostitution." Even Brandon pointed out how improper Remy's comparison was, calling it a "gross simplification."

Needless to say, many people side with Remy's co-hosts. They have taken to Twitter to slam the 39-year-old star for her ignorant remarks, with one reminding her, "Dear Remy Ma, You sat comfortably on a couch, at your big age & said when rape victims, sue their abusers for money, it's prostitution? Nah, it's restitution! How disgusting & ill informed of you!"

Another called her out, "This ghetto b***h has long been a pick me who sides with men over women and hasn't learned s**t from the time she spent in prison for stabbing a woman over nothing. Just a matter of time til she goes back."

Someone else dubbed her a misogynist. "Remy Ma said if anything happens to you sexually and you get money for it, you're a sex worker...even in rape," the said user wrote. "Remy Ma suffers from misogyny... it's really gross."

Another added, "In light of your ignorance I am going to take a phrase out of your own book Reminisce..... STUPID MOTHAF**KAS ARE YOU DUMB." Someone else tweeted, "Yeah Remy Ma is disgusting for this."

Still, there's a few who defended Remy. "Spoke pure truth. I don't like you as a rapper, but this is pure facts. Sexually assault me, and I don't want cash. I want revenge," wrote one user who agreed with the femcee.

Remy has not responded to the backlash over her controversial comments.

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