Inside Hailey Baldwin's Self-Preparation Ahead of Justin Bieber Wedding

The model is said to be working out at the nearby Peak Wellness center before heading to the Pellequr spa in Beverly Hills, California where she receives the Pellequr signature scrub.

AceShowbiz - Hailey Baldwin wants to look her best at her impending wedding to Justin Bieber. The 22-year-old model understandably went to great lengths in order to prep herself for the big moment for the young couple with a little pre-wedding pampering.

According to E! News, Justin's wife visited the Pellequr spa in Beverly Hills, California last weekend. A source revealed to the site that the model went to receive the Pellequr signature scrub with CBD lymphatic massage.

"She wanted to exfoliate the dead skin off of her body and feel smooth before traveling and getting a spray tan," the source said. "You normally experience the effects of the lymphatic drainage and CBD massage immediately after treatment. The lymphatic massage helps to clear toxins in your body, and she wanted to jumpstart her week before her wedding to ensure she was glowing. Hailey likes the overall detox experience. It truly relaxes her and is a chance for her to clear her mind from her busy schedule and the daily hustle."

Additionally, Hailey was said to be working out at the nearby Peak Wellness center before heading to the spa. "She likes to to make it a few [hours-long] event of wellness relaxation," explained the source.

That's apparently not the only self-care practices that Hailey does before the big day. The insider claimed that Hailey also takes classes at Hot Pilates in West Hollywood. "Hailey loves that you sweat in the heated room while toning your body with resistance bands and small weights," the source continued. "She will go to class a few times per week to maintain her shape. Hailey has been visiting the studio frequently the past two months for wedding preparation."

Hailey and Justin legally married at a New York courthouse in 2018. Rumor has it, they will be holding a small, intimate wedding ceremony sometime this year. "The countdown is on and they are really looking forward to it," a source previously said. Another insider detailed, "Guests will be family and close friends/close church friends only. It's going to be very intimate. They don't want a huge to-do and want it to be very religion-focused and spiritual."

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