Kelly Rowland: My Son Keeps Asking Me for a Little Brother

In an interview with People magazine, the 'Dilemma' hitmaker additionally opens up about how she is eager to pass on the value of giving to the 'very smart' four-year-old Titan.

AceShowbiz - Singer Kelly Rowland's son is begging his mum to have another baby.

The "Dilemma" hitmaker's four-year-old, Titan, is desperate for a sibling and lets his mum and dad, Tim Weatherspoon, know at any opportunity.

"Oh my gosh, my son keeps asking me for a sibling, but it's just not (the) right timing," Kelly tells People, noting Titan is "very specific" about having a little brother, but she has her hands full with precocious Titan.

"(Titan is) a very smart kid," she gushes. "I'm so happy (about) that because I prayed for it. (He is) smarter than me to the point where he'll be speaking Spanish to his friends or someone that might be passing on the street. He's like, 'Hola. Como estas?' I'm like, 'Dude, we don't speak to strangers.' "

Destiny's Child star Kelly is also eager to pass on the value of giving to Titan.

"I'm a giver - I would give you this shirt off my back; that's just the kind of person I am," she shares. "That was my mother. She gave that gift to me. But I don't expect for my child not to be able to do the same thing. I can't be given that value and not pass it down. I won't do that."

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