Taylor Swift Clarifies on Alt-Right Movement Association: It's Repulsive
Rolling Stone Magazine

Assuring that there is 'nothing worse than white supremacy', the 'Lover' singer stresses in an interview with Rolling Stone that she is focused on ousting Donald Trump in 2020 election.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Swift felt sick to her stomach after learning she was randomly linked to the white supremacy movement three years ago.

Gossip circulated she was a part of the growing alt-right movement back in 2016 - a fiction she's very keen to correct.

"There's literally nothing worse than white supremacy. It's repulsive," she tells Rolling Stone. "There should be no place for it."

The singer has become more political in recent years, even challenging U.S. leader Donald Trump's government to pass a new bill giving the LGBTQ community more rights at the MTV Video Music Awards, and she admits she has become "obsessed" with White House affairs.

"I keep trying to learn as much as I can about politics, and it's become something I'm now obsessed with, whereas before, I was living in this sort of political ambivalence, because the person I voted for had always won," she explained.

"We were in such an amazing time when (Barack) Obama was President because foreign nations respected us. We were so excited to have this dignified person in the White House. My first election was voting for him when he made it into office, and then voting to re-elect him. I think a lot of people are like me, where they just didn't really know that this (Donald Trump's presidency) could happen."

Taylor, who is a fervent Democrat, is now focused on the 2020 election - and ousting Trump. But she's aware the celebrity support for his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, may have backfired.

"I'm really focused on how I can help and not hinder... I do feel that the celebrity involvement with Hillary's campaign was used against her in a lot of ways," she explained.

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