T.I. Rips Candace Owens During MAGA Debate at Revolt Summit

During the multi-day event, the rapper corners the conservative thinker by asking what era of America does President Donald Trump want the country to go back with the controversial slogan.

AceShowbiz - T.I. has been vocal about opposition against President Donald Trump. The rapper didn't hesitate to voice his opinion during a panel at REVOLT Summit x AT&T Summit in Atlanta over the weekend. It led him to have an intense debate with conservative thinker Candace Owens when Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" was brought into the topic.

While many people deemed the controversial slogan racist, Owens tried to defend it. "That was Ronald Reagan's slogan. Was it racist when Ronald Reagan had it?" she asked the crowd who answered with a resounding "Yes."

Tip later asked Owens about what era of America does the president want the country to go back. "Please answer this," the "T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle" star said to Owens. "When you say 'Make America Great Again,' which period are we talking about? The period when women couldn't vote, the period when we were hanging from trees, or the crack era? Which period in America are you trying to make America like again?"

Owens appeared to avoid straightforwardly answering the question and even made up a false fact about America being one of the first countries to free their slaves when the fact is, it is one of the last Western powers to end slavery. "You're just gonna oo when I say, 'Slavery is all over the world,' which is a fact. Why are you boo-ing a fact?" Owens asked the crowd at the multi-day event which featured panels discussing hip-hop, culture, politics and business.

"Because you're making light of the enslavement of people that look like us. You can't make light of that. That ain't nothing you breeze over," T.I. responded. When Owens argued that she hadn't even finish her sentence, Tip continued attacking her by saying, "Because you started with bulls**t," earning cheers from the audience.

Their heated argument went a little bit too much as host P. Diddy had to instruct everyone to let T.I. and Owens have the floor.

The clip went viral with many applauding Tip for what he did. "I don't know when people are going to learn that TI is not to be played with; this brother is intelligent, articulate & very savvy when it comes to political prowess. She should leave the stage expeditiously," "Basketball Wives" alum Tami Roman said in comment section of The Shade Room's post. "FANTASTIC!!! Such a simple question ZERO answer," Michael Rapaport added.

However, a few others criticized Tip for being too abruptive and didn't actually let Owens speak. "How can anyone even expect her to be able to respond adequately when she can't even hear herself speak. The purpose of asking her a question to hear what she has to say about it. So let her finish, even if she stutters, even if the first thing out of her mouth is stupid...then if you wanna drag her for her whole response, go ahead," one said.

Also attended by the likes of DJ Khaled, the summit held its last day on Sunday, September 15. Another Revolt Summit will take place in October in Los Angeles.

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