Here Is What Hinders Kanye West From Moving His Family to Wyoming

The 'Stronger' hitmaker has spent $14 million to buy Monster Lake Ranch in the cowboy country, but his wife Kim Kardashian's aspiration to become a lawyer might come in the way.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West might have to put his plans to move to Wyoming cowboy country on hold because his wife's law studies have tied her to California for the next five years.

Kim Kardashian is currently working with attorneys at the Cut50 firm to become a qualified legal eagle, just like her late father Robert, and she has to remain a resident of California in order to sit the state bar exam in 2024.

And that means her husband's plans to set up home in Wyoming on a new estate he has bought will have to wait.

"I know that my husband wants to move to Wyoming, but I love California," she tells "The View".

But the reality TV star and beauty mogul loves the idea of spending time in Wyoming.

"Honestly, the sky, the air, everything is different in Wyoming," she adds. "I love it. It's a happy place for me, and my sisters, we all want to get a ranch there. We just did a cattle drive down there. It's been amazing."

The "Jesus Walks" hitmaker spent a lot of time in remote Wyoming while recording his album "Ye" and even staged a listening party at a ranch there, and now he's set to make the state a home from home after snapping up a $14 million (£11.4 million) estate near Cody.

According to TMZ, West is the new owner of Monster Lake Ranch, which comes with two fresh water lakes stocked with trout, a restaurant, and an event centre, as well as barns, stables and a few horses.

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