Bhad Bhabie on Nicki Minaj's Retirement: She's 'Salty' Because Cardi B Takes Her Spot

During her appearance on 'Lights Out with David Spade', the 16-year-old rapper also assures hip-hop fans not to worry about Nicki's retirement because she and Cardi are still in the game.

AceShowbiz - Bhad Bhabie has given her two cents on Nicki Minaj's retirement announcement, but it's not something that the Barbz would like to hear. During her recent appearance on "Lights Out with David Spade", the rapper, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, jokingly said hip-hop fans should not be worried over it because she and Cardi B are still in the game.

She still showed some love for Nicki, though. When Donnell Rawlings and Guy Branum said that the Trinidadian native's time in the spotlight is over due to new rappers, Bhabie defended her, "You gotta give Nicki her props though. Nicki was running this s**t before anybody." But then Bhabie admitted that she had one issue with Nicki, and that was her way to embrace Cardi when the latter began to dominate the music charts.

"No one told her to get salty," she noted. "If she took Cardi under her wing and been like, 'Yeah, that's my b***h.' She didn't have to be all, 'Ugh, I can't stand another b***h taking my spot.' Like sit your salty a** down and just deal with it."

Fans of Nicki, unsurprisingly, went off about Bhabie's claims. One said that Nicki wasn't salty because her spot had been stolen, but it was because "disrespectful talentless bimbos like this corny little girl and Cardi have gotten success BECAUSE OF HER and try to downplay her roll by acting like she is regular when she is the GOAT for female rap PERIOD."

"Even if her and Cardi couldn't combined there talent it still wouldn't come anywhere near Nicki so the fact that she think either one of them can take her spot is hilarious," another commented. On the other hand, an individual noted, "She isn't even old enough to be discussing Nicki Minaj. Little brat was in diapers when Nicki was spitting her first barz."

Nicki broke the internet earlier this month when she announced that she would be retiring from the music industry to focus on her family. Later, she promised to address her retirement in an upcoming episode of her "Queen Radio" show.

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