Kevin McCall Busted for Trespassing After Falling Asleep on a Bench

'Some weird s**t man. I'm not even bothered,' the singer says in one of his videos on Instagram Stories, before ripping the tickets in half with his teeth.

AceShowbiz - Kevin McCall only wants to stroll around the city before he ends up at the police station. The singer shared on Instagram Stories a series of videos of him walking through California desert city of Twentynine Palms at night. He appeared to be looking for a place to relax.

In one of the videos, the ex of Eva Marcille could be seen strolling the street before he found a perfect bench to sleep on. "How many n****z can sleep on a baccwoods 'satchel' and the next morning be with more than quite a few of you's all favorite actress model," he wrote in one video.

However, instead of being surrounded with models, it appeared that Kevin was dragged to the police station for trespassing. In a separate video, he filmed himself walking out of a sheriff's station as he said, "Man, all praises to the most high. Trying to get a n****a for trespassing for falling asleep outside yesterday."

"Some weird s**t man. I'm not even bothered. Oh, yeah, and to the crackers who gave me this, this is what I think of the ticket," he continued, before ripping it in half with his teeth. "I'm not black. I'm a Moor. I don't deal with y'all bulls**t. I got a whole new government [and] laws of the land I follow."

Kevin then shared a photo of his paperwork which stated that he's a "transient" of the city of 29 Palms. "San Bernadino Sheriffs Deperment you craccers May wanna start prepping yourself to be BRUTALLY sodomized for not allowing the proper protocol when faley detaining a BLACC NATIVE sovereign.. the Meek shall inherit the Earth," he captioned the snap.

Additionally, he posted a picture of himself with late rapper Nipsey Hussle. Captioning the image, he wrote, "Cell phone off. Locced in the lab by myself and the only entity that will be allowed in my presence is that of Ermias. Allow me some privacy for the rest of the week I will not allow contact from the outside. Thanks for your consideration and for your cooperation but must of all your patience with me figuring out why I’m out here to serve humanity...."

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