Video of LeBron James' 14-Year-Old Son Allegedly Smoking Stirs Debate Among Fans

Some Internet users criticize the Los Angeles Lakers player and his wife Savannah's parenting style, while others think it's not a big deal or their business to meddle with the kid's life.

AceShowbiz - LeBron James' son LeBron James Jr. a.k.a. Bronny could be in trouble when his parents return from their vacation. A video surfaced on Twitter showing someone, who is believed to be the 14-year-old son of the basketball star, smoking what appears to be a wax pen.

Bronny is still under the legal age to smoke, so the video has started a lot of chatters on social media. Some people argued that it's not Bronny, but the jacket that the boy was donning in the video was similar to the one Bronny was spotted wearing before.

Internet users also have mixed responses to Bronny allegedly being caught smoking. Some people think it's bad for him, especially because he's currently pursuing his career as a basketball athlete like his father. "Not a good look if he's serious about bball. Scouts and Recruiters are looking at this type of stuff....," one commented. Another warned him, "Gonna be real bad for his brain development."

Others who are against the teenager smoking wrote things like, "his dad should whoop his azz," and, "I'm against corporal punishment but he needs a beating. No child should be smoking, drinking, or any kind of other s**t that'll mess them up."

There are some others who blamed the parents and criticized Lebron and his wife Savannah's parenting style. "Seems as though these celebrities and their parenting style or style of discipline be laxed/peculiar as hell. It be surprising what some of their chil'ren be up to," one slammed the couple. Another speculated, "Dwade's Kids and Shaq's Kids are not doing this because I doubt their parents would let it slide. Lebron and Savannah both are way too lax as parents imo...."

However, there are also a few people who think that it's not a big deal since there are other kids who start smoking at their teen ages. "I can't shame a teenager doing teenage things. I think we all know someone who started smoking young. If he wants to mess up his future let him. That's on him and his dad," one commented. Another said, "A lot of athletes smoke on the low... Same way kids smoke weed, pop pills, drink and have sex early....he'll be fine...No big deal.. If something does happen, oh well...."

Lebron and his wife Savannah are currently on a yacht vacation in Portofino, Italy with their closest friends. Meanwhile, their son Bronny is in Los Angeles.

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