Kevin McCall Tells Fan to Pay Him $100 to Get Videos of His Genital

This arrives just a few weeks after the ex-husband of Eva Marcille begged fans on Instagram Live to give him money so that he could buy a plane ticket to Los Angeles.

AceShowbiz - It looks like Kevin McCall is really in need of money right now. The record producer has recently been caught telling one of his fans that he will send her/him a video of his genital if s/he is willing to send him $100.

The Neighborhood Talk obtained a text conversation between Kevin and the said fan, who asked him if he showed up at her office. The fan later told him, "We should hang out," before gushing over him, "U sexy af I'm tryna suck that d**k." Instead of replying to the devotee with another text, he sent him/her a voice message in which he could be heard saying, "Hurry up. Send me a $100 and I'mma send you a d**k flick."

Due to this, people were wondering whether Kevin is really low on money. "Is- is he that broke?" one asked, while some others suggested that he should make an OnlyFans account, a subscription-only content service mostly used for adult content. There were also people who told the fan not to send him the money because his nude pictures were already leaked on the Internet.

This arrives just a few weeks after Kevin asked his Instagram followers to help him buy a plane ticket to Los Angeles to attend the funeral of his best friend. "I'm putting my ego to the side right now and humbly just being a real n***a, I gotta get to LA in the morning," he said, claiming that his custody battle with ex-wife Eva Marcille had cost him a lot of money. "I done spent $14,000 on my attorney between... a n***a done spent, like, $40,000."

Despite the plea, Kevin insisted that he's not broke. "If you know somebody work for Delta, I'll play you back on the backend. It's whatever, I just need $200 to get home," he said.

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